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Kainos + Rooted - Coffee + Wood Fired Dessert Pairing

We invite you to join us for our first ever Rooted Event Co & Kainos Coffee collaboration! We're popping up the Rooted Table at Kainos' Shop & Roastery in The Dalles for a one night only (for now) limited seat coffee and dessert pairing event on Saturday, July 28th from 6 - 7:30 PM!

Marten of Kainos Coffee and Kristen of Rooted Event Co will tag team this event to provide you with information from both the coffee and local culinary pastry realms, as you share a communal table with old and new friends alike surrounded by modern industrial architecture and a joyfully colorful ambience highlighted by the famous Kainos mural painted by Mary Boyden herself.


We invite our guests to begin arriving at 5:45 PM, as we plan for the festivities to kick off promptly at 6:00 PM. Pick your seat at the table, and then feel free to mix and mingle with the other diners around you, or observe Marten & his crew's coffee making prowess as we wait for all guests to arrive.

In the evening, you will be treated to two mini coffee drinks, each made with a destinctly different varietal of coffee bean, paired with two different, seasonally inspired, personal sized desserts. We will pace each course in a fashion to let Marten describe the coffee varietal and beverage he has created. Kristen will describe each dessert, paying specific attention to where local ingredients were sourced. Tasting and pairing notes will be provided for you, in order to help you pair your own desserts with coffee at home in the future!

We'll round out the evening with some fun tunes and just might have another surprise up our sleeve to reveal!!!

This is an alcohol free event; minors are absolutely welcome to attend with a ticket! 

We can't wait to do coffee and dessert with you!

Click HERE for tickets!